Stewart Reubens


Where were you on July 13, 1979?
Spending my last year living in the UK before I moved to California.

Favorite memory from the 70’s?
Spending close to two months on the Island of Cyprus.

Where were you on July 13, 1989?
Relaxing after having taken the State Bar examination.

Favorite song from the 80’s?
“Under Pressure”

Where were you on July 13, 1999?
Watching the finale of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Favorite movie from the 90’s?
Dumb and Dumber

Where we you on July 13, 2009?
I have no clue how to answer this one – probably watching the Supreme Court hearings for Sonia Sotomayor.

What is your favorite meal to cook?
I love to cook and the variety of what I cook is limited solely by my own imagination. I love to use the ingredients which I have harvested myself rather than those grown and raised commercially

7/13/19: our 40th anniversary……what has been your proudest moment as part of the SRTK family?
My proudest moment was when I was elected to become a shareholder of SRTK and being recognized for my efforts in relocating from our Los Angeles office to open a San Francisco office to grow the then Southern California Workers Compensation firm of SRTK into the first leading Statewide Worker’s Compensation Defense firm.

Let’s jump ahead, it’s 2079, our 100th anniversary, what would you put in a time capsule to be opened that best represents you and your contribution to SRTK?
I would put the resume/CV of the firm effective 1992 (the date I moved from Southern California to Northern California) and a copy of the firm resume as of the date of my retirement (TBD) I would also put those letters I have kept over the years from clients who have taken the time out of their busy day to send me notes of thanks for my work. I would also place those items I have such as pictures, invitations and other memories memorializing the true friendships I have developed with those clients I was proud to call friends over my career.

Stewart Reubens, SRTK Law