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  • News Icon Published January 2, 2020

    IRS Reduces Mileage Reimbursement Rate for 2020

    The IRS mileage reimbursement rate for medical care and evaluations has been updated for 2020. The rate has been reduced by half a cent, from $.58 to $.575 per mile. The new rate will apply to all mileage incurred in 2020, regardless of the original date of injury.

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  • News Icon Published December 20, 2019

    Southern California Attorney Sentenced to 14 Months in $22 Million Kickback Scheme

    Attorney Lee Mathis was sentenced to 14 months in federal prison for honest services mail fraud as a result of his role in a scheme that saw Mathis and another man, Fernando Valdes, pay kickbacks to providers for patient referrals to a company they co-owned, Los Angeles-based Foremost Shockwave Solutions.

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  • News Icon Published November 26, 2019

    Southern California Surgeon Sentenced to 30 Months For Kickbacks Scheme

    Dr. Daniel Capen, a spinal surgeon in Huntington Beach, CA, was sentenced on Friday to 30 months in federal prison for conspiring to commit honest services fraud. He had received at least $5 million in kickbacks for performing surgeries at Pacific Hospital of Long Beach in a scheme coordinated by former Pacific Hospital owner Michael Drobot, and for referring patients for other medical services.

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