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  • News Icon Published July 27, 2018

    California DWC Suspends 11 More Medical Providers

    The California Division of Workers’ Compensation (DWC) has suspended 11 more medical providers from participation in the California workers’ compensation system. 274 total providers have been suspended thus far in 2018.

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  • News Icon Published July 18, 2018

    Two More Providers Indicted in Pacific Hospital Kickback Scheme

    Dr. Jacob Tauber of Beverly Hills and Dr. Serge Obukhoff of Malibu have been indicted by a federal grand jury for participating in a kickback scheme involving referrals to Pacific Hospital of Long Beach, bringing the total cost of the scheme to almost $1 billion.

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  • News Icon Published July 12, 2018

    DWC Establishes Pharmacy & Therapeutics Committee

    The California Division of Workers’ Compensation has announced the formation of the Pharmacy & Therapeutics Committee, which will consult with and advise the DWC on updates to the Medical Treatment Utilization Schedule Drug Formulary.

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