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  • Blog Icon Published June 26, 2017

    The Cumulative Trauma Claim

    Cumulative trauma injuries are quickly becoming one of the more difficult areas of law for clients to deal with in California workers’ compensation claims.

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  • Blog Icon Published June 22, 2017

    Tim Kinsey Quoted in Work Comp Central

    SRTK’s Tim Kinsey was recently quoted in Sherri Okamoto’s Work Comp Central article “’Going and Coming’ Rule Doesn’t Apply to Worker Commuting Between Job Sites.” The article summarizes a California appellate court’s decision that denied benefits to a government-employed in-home caretaker who was injured while traveling between the homes of two clients. Although a judge … Continued

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  • Blog Icon Published June 21, 2017

    Criminal Medical Providers and Their Liens

    In 2012, the Legislature enacted SB 863 in order to thwart the longstanding lien crisis and achieve the Constitutional goals of the workers’ compensation system. Although the quest to eradicate ancient liens by establishing time limits and the requirements for payment of activation and filing fees, the beneficial results were short-lived.

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