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  • News Icon Published June 13, 2019

    Medical Marketer Forfeits $126,808 in Conspiracy Case

    John Pangelinan, a medical marketer and president of Board Med Inc., was ordered to forfeit $126,808 after pleading guilty to conspiracy to commit honest services mail fraud and health care fraud.

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  • News Icon Published May 30, 2019

    Two Busted In Workers’ Compensation Voucher Scheme

    On May 24, Salvador Franco Jr. and Mirella Flores were found guilty of 37 felony counts for fraud charges involving the Supplemental Job Displacement Benefit voucher. Franco was the CFO of Graduates Do Succeed Institute and a 20% owner of Technical School Inc., where he was also Director and CFO. Flores was also an employee for both schools.

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  • News Icon Published May 10, 2019

    Kickback Scheme Conspirator Carlos Arguello Will Serve Four Years in Prison

    Carlos Arguello will serve 48 months in prison and give up $1.2 million in proceeds for participating in a $5 million kickback scheme. He and co-defendant Fermin Iglesias used a company called Providence Scheduling to steer patients to providers, which were required to meet quotas for services that were provided by other participants in the cross-referral scheme. Arguello pleaded guilty to a federal conspiracy charge back in August 2016.

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