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  • Blog Icon Published May 12, 2020

    Executive Order N-62-20 Best Practices

    Read our summary of Gavin Newsom’s Executive order N-62-20 on coronavirus (COVID-19), and our suggestions for best practices in addressing such claims.

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  • Blog Icon Published April 27, 2020

    2020 First Quarter Newsletter

    Read our 2019 Fourth Quarter Newsletter!

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  • Blog Icon Published April 20, 2020

    Tim Kinsey Defeats Industrial Disability Retirement Claim

    Tim Kinsey successfully defeated Applicant’s claim for a CalPERS Industrial Disability Retirement, saving the City of Anaheim over $1,000,000. The JAMS Judge concluded that because Applicant resigned before participating in Anaheim’s Mandatory Permanent Modified Duty program, he precluded the City’s ability to explore modified positions and therefore denied Applicant’s request for an Industrial Disability Retirement.

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