Recent Important Changes At Our Firm

Clients and Friends of the Firm,

In light of the recent retirements of SRTK shareholders practicing in Northern California, and considering our ability to remotely handle cases as a result of CA’s post-pandemic workers’ compensation landscape, we have decided to consolidate our operations to our Southern California offices.

Our decision to consolidate guarantees that we will continue to provide the highest quality, most efficient legal representation in the work comp space, which has been the hallmark of this firm for almost 43 years.

As a firm, we put a great deal of thought and analysis into this decision, which was incredibly difficult to make for both professional and personal reasons. However, with the retirements of NorCal shareholders who had been with the firm for decades, and the next generation of shareholders residing in the Southern parts of California, this is the right decision and timing for our clients and internal team members.

Even though our physical offices will be in Southern California only, we will continue to provide the highest level of statewide service to our clients.

Thank you for your continued support of our firm. We hope you remain well, and welcome any questions regarding this or any other matters.

SRTK Shareholders