Tim Kinsey Quoted in WorkCompCentral Article About CAAA Support of MPN Treatment

Shareholder Tim Kinsey was recently quoted in Sherri Okamoto’s February 6, 2017 WorkCompCentral article about treatment within Medical Provider Networks (MPNs). The article reported that CAAA encourages injured workers to treat within MPN’s whenever possible.

As the defense attorney in Valdez v. WCAB, which confirmed a Court of Appeal’s decision limiting the admissibility of medical reports obtained by applicants under Labor Code § 4605, Kinsey said “he was heartened to hear the CAAA panelists were encouraging their clients to treat within MPN’s where possible. He went on to say that “he expected this would reduce litigation, cut back on lien filings and speed up the resolution of claims,” and that “it remains extremely important to ensure an MPN is up-to-date, with physicians who can provide treatment within the MPN regulatory scheme.”