Labor Code § 4658.7 (e): What does voucher cover? (DOIs after 1/1/13)

Labor Code § 4658.7 (e): What does voucher cover? (DOIs after 1/1/13)
PAYMENT of/for: 

(1) Education-related retraining or skill enhancement (at certain approved institution), including payment of tuition, fees, books, etc. required by the school. 

(2) Occupational License. or Prof. Cert. fees (including exam & prep. course fees.)

(3) Services of licensed placement agencies, vocational or RTW counseling, and résumé preparation, (Said costs are limited to 10% of voucher amt.). 

(4) Tools required by training/education program. (5) Computer (up to $1K). (6) Up to $500 for misc. expenses payable upon request (no need for receipt); but employee not entitled to any other voucher payments for transportation, travel expenses, telephone or Internet access, clothing or uniforms, or incidental expenses.