Tim Kinsey


When SRTK asked me to answer these questions for a peek into my personal life, I became very curious. I wondered why you would want to know some of these things. Today I would love to eat tacos from my favorite taco stand. I had not done that in months. Each week I watch a movie, which I enjoy because I can appreciate a good comedy. At this point, I decided I’ll tell you half of all the answers but not today.

If I weren’t a SRTK shareholder, my career choice would own and operate animal shelter. If I could do anything for a day I would lie on a beach with a good book. If I were an Olympian, I’d compete in skiing. If I were on Lip Sync Battle I would perform Hotel California. My favorite song in high school was Faithfully by Journey but now it is Faithfully by Journey. When I watch TV I’m usually watching Game of Thrones, but my guilty pleasure is Chopped. The last book I read was Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and I thought it was very insightful.

All of my life I have been told I look like Tim Kinsey, but I wish I looked like Keith Richards. This is remarkable since I look like Mick Jagger in the morning. If my personality were a color I would be blue even though I drive a black car. My spirit animal is a wolf.

I’ve been meaning to learn how to make good fried chicken. I am adventurous because I love anything outdoors. I can’t wait to travel to eat sushi. If I could only have one food with me on a desert island it would be steak. Sometimes I eat steak even though I wish I were eating steak.

My family loves it when I drink. My family loves hanging out together. My favorite hobby is going to the gym. My friends say I’m funny, but I think I’m realistic. They know my secret talent is construction, but they don’t know I’m pretty good at it. If you ask me enough I might play the piano but please don’t ask me to sing.

This story is ending because I’m hungry. If you really want to know me, you should see my BBQ. My nickname is Timmy in case you didn’t know, but I’ll sign off by telling you I wish it were dog whisperer because I love working with animals.

Thanks for taking a peek into my life. Visit again to see what’s happening in the next season.

Timothy Kinsey, SRTK Law
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