Tim Kinsey


What would you choose as your word of the year for 2020?

What’s your favorite fashion item that has made a comeback in the last decade?
Neon! Anything 80’s.

What fashion item do you never want to see back in style?
Men’s skinny-leg jeans.

What hairstyle do you most want to see make a comeback?

What old-timey pastime do you wish were still popular?
Drive-in theaters.

If you were to cook any old-fashioned recipe, what would it be?

Name an obsolete technology you miss using (or are glad to be rid of).
Commodore 64.

What TV show are you happiest got a new reboot in the 2010’s?

What TV show do you most want to see rebooted in the 2020’s?
Outer Limits.

What TV show do you wish never ended?

What are you most excited to leave behind in the 2010’s?
Trucker hats.

Hindsight is 20/20 – what 10 things are you happy are staying in the 2010’s?
1. Ipods
2. Flip phones
3. Designer dogs
4. Ice bucket challenge
5. Trucker hats
6. Planking challenges
7. Wired headphones
8. Hipster beards
10. Honey Boo Boo

Looking forward to 2020, what 10 things are you most excited for?
1. Vaccine for COVID
2. Cure for cancer
3. Sporting events
4. Concerts
5. The Mars mission
6. Opening of the Yahoo time capsule
7. Less animals in shelters (adopt don’t shop!)
8. Elon Musk admitting he’s an alien
9. Electric trucks
10. Amazon drone delivery