Joanne Thomas


When SRTK asked me to answer these questions for a peek into my personal life, I became very excited. I wondered if you would be interested enough to read the whole thing. Today I ordered room service. I had not done that in three months. Each week I am busy, which I enjoy because I like to get a lot done. At this point, I decided I’ll tell you almost everything but not how many pairs of shoes I might have.

If I weren’t a SRTK shareholder, my career choice would be beauty & style editor. If I could do anything for a day I would be Taylor Swift at her sold out concert. If I were an Olympian, I’d compete in gymnastics. If I were on Lip Sync Battle I would perform Meat Loaf I’ll Do Anything For Love. My favorite song in high school was Journey Don’t Stop Believing but now it is Gravity from Wicked. When I watch TV I’m usually watching Food Network, but my guilty pleasure is Bravo Housewives. The last book I read was Shopaholic and Baby and I thought it was hilarious.

All of my life I have been told I look like an athlete, but I wish I looked like a model. This is remarkable since I look like a poodle in the morning. If my personality were a color I would be pink even though I drive a black car. My spirit animal is Hello Kitty.

I’ve been meaning to learn how to play guitar. I am adventurous because I have been on a zip line many times. I can’t wait to travel to New Zealand. If I could only have one food with me on a desert island it would be Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Sometimes I eat low carb even though I wish I were eating homemade bread.

My family loves it when I make French toast. I love doing everything with my family. My favorite hobby is learning new makeup artistry. My friends say I’m outgoing, but I think I’m very happy when it’s quiet. They know my secret talent is in me somewhere, but they don’t know what it is. If you ask me enough I might tell you what it is but please don’t ask me to show you how.

This story is ending because I am in the middle of something good. If you really want to know me, you should see my lipgloss collection. My nickname is JO in case you didn’t know, but I’ll sign off by telling you I wish it were JLo because I’d have a permanent hairstylist.

Thanks for taking a peek into my life. Visit again to see what’s happening in the next season.

Joanne Thomas, SRTK Law
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