Joanne Thomas


10 is the number of Reese’s I have to eat before I feel like I’ve had enough.
9 is the number of seasons I wish Game of Thrones would last since I’m obsessed.
8 is the number of Swarovski Hello Kitty figurines I have collected, since I consider her a very good friend.
7 is the age I was when I fell off my bike and cracked open my chin, ouch!
6 is my favorite number because both of my boys were born on the 6th!
5 is the embarrassing number of dogs I have: Rocky, Bandit, Coco, Peanut Budder and Magic!
4 is the number of siblings I always dreamed of having, being that I am an only child.
3 is a number that is sentimental to me because it reminds me of my Dad.
2 reminds me of my two most favorite people on earth, my two sons.
1 is the number of law firms I have worked for after passing the bar….. SRTK then, now, and always!
Joanne Thomas, SRTK Law
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