SRTK 2018 Annual Attorney Training

Every year, SRTK attorneys gather to discuss new developments in the law and other effective lawyering techniques. Here are photos from this year’s event!

David Chun with Jonathan Echols
Shamika Grant Bibbs, Julianna Crawford and Courtney Cummings
Aaron Hemmings and James Lim
Jeff Stander and Aaron Hemmings
Aaron Hemmings, Eric Barr and Kimberly Mall
Aldo Jan, Nicole Newsom, Amir Khorsand and Kimberly Kawahira
Aaron Hemmings, Debbie Wilson and Stephanie Lee of Ametros
Stewart Reubens
Ted Richards
Beth Schroeder of Raines Feldman and Aaron Hemmings
Tim Kinsey, Jeff Stander and Englebert Lopez
Dr. Mark Hyman and Aaron Hemmings