Our First Blog Post!

Welcome to the new SRTK website! We are grateful you decided to join us and look forward to providing you with the most up-to-date content of the goings on in California workers’ compensation. Coming soon, you will be able to follow us on Twitter, and we hope that you do. You can explore our website to get to know us better, to get breaking news in workers’ compensation, to get helpful tips and tricks for defending your claims and, of course, to refer cases to your favorite SRTK attorneys for aggressive, cost-efficient and thoughtful defense!

I, your humble blogger, look forward to discussing all aspects of California comp from new and updated case law and its implication on handling claims, current struggles and successes from new legislation to arguments from CAAA (California Applicant Attorneys Association) and general practice ideas and concerns as we move together through the ever-evolving world of workers’ compensation in the unique state that is California.

So stay tuned and check back regularly for updates. We are glad you are here!