Nadia Imtanes of Orange County Obtains a Take Nothing

Congratulations to Nadia Imtanes who recently obtained a Take Nothing on behalf of our client.

After he was terminated, the applicant alleged injury to the hips, back, psyche and nervous system as the result of a specific injury. It was undisputed that the applicant reported he had back pain. On cross examination, Nadia pointed out that the applicant never requested treatment, and showed that the applicant never said the back pain was due to work.

The trial court found the applicant less than credible and noted, based upon Nadia’s cross examination, that the applicant gave different versions of events in his deposition and trial testimony. The Court noted that it was not necessary to decide the issue given the lack of believability that he ever sustained the injury.

Nadia saved our client the costs of PD, TD, medical care, and an EDD lien. Way to go, Nadia!