Joanne Thomas Gets Lien Disallowed in its Entirety

Lien claimant Supreme Photocopy Service filed a lien in the amount of $21,850.30. SRTK President and CEO Joanne Thomas argued several points. First, they failed to provide adequate notice prior to their services, and second, some of the services were unreasonable, unnecessary, and duplicative. Moreover, Joanne sought and succeeded in excluding any and all of their bills, subpoenas and any other evidence from trial, and asked the court for reimbursement of attorney’s fees in having to litigate this issue. The court agreed with Joanne, disallowed the entire lien to Supreme Photocopy Service, and entered an award of attorney’s fees. They were admonished in the Opinion and Decision for going forward with trial with no evidence to support their lien. Great work, Joanne!