California DWC Publishes List of Entities Holding Stayed Liens

The Division of Workers’ Compensation has published a digital list of entities that are believed to have filed liens on behalf of criminally charged providers. The DWC had been ordered by US District Court Judge George H. Wu to do so.

The order that Judge Wu signed gives the DWC 3 days to identify all claimants whose liens have been stayed under Labor Code Section 4615. The order says that the DWC can meet this requirement by posting “an additional list of other lien claimants believed to have filed liens on behalf of the charged providers and whose liens may be subject to the stay.” Per the order, the DWC is unable to treat any lien filed by a claimant not identified on its website as stayed. Lien claimants are also allowed to request a hearing “solely to prevent the erroneous application of Section 4615 by its own terms.”