Insurance Fraud Charges in Referral Conspiracy Block Liens From Multiple Providers Under Labor Code 4615

The Orange County District Attorney has released a 47-count indictment, accusing Steven Omid Mehr and George P. Hobson III of conspiracy to commit a crime, insurance fraud, and referral of clients in return for compensation. The charges activate section 4615 of the Labor Code, which places an automatic stay on liens filed by the associated entities charged with fraud.

The indictment alleges that Mehr formed an advertising company to connect attorneys with individuals seeking legal help. He purchased the rights to the name “Jacoby & Myers,” a staple of TV ads and billboards nationwide, and falsely identified it as a law firm retainable by the public, instead converting “leads” into clients referred out to the attorneys paying for the company’s referral services. The attorneys, though not indicted, agreed to pay Mehr and his company monthly fees for a set number of referrals, or arranged percentage fees based on the referred cases.

The three entities associated with the indictment are:

  • Expedited Attorney Services (TIN: 900615448)
  • Capital Attorney Services (TINs: 900760864, 900760874)
  • National Translation and Photocopy Services (TIN: 61639664)
SRTK will continue to monitor these developments. Please contact our offices with any questions about what this may mean for you.