Eight Medical Providers Suspended for Fraud by Division of Workers’ Compensation

The California DIR’s Department of Workers’ Compensation (DWC) has suspended an additional 8 medical providers who were found guilty of fraud. Orders of Suspension from California’s workers’ compensation system were filed against the following medical providers:

Abraham Khorshad – This Beverly Hills investor in Aspen Medical Resources was also a co-conspirator with providers Jeffrey Campau and Landen Mirallegro, who were suspended in September. Khorshad pled guilty to medical insurance fraud in May after being caught participating in an overfilling scheme.

Joseff Sales and Danniel Goyena – Sales, a Buena Park physical therapist, and Goyena, a PT assistant, were suspended for paying illegal kickbacks in a Medicare fraud scheme.

Edgar Pogosian – A Glendale based provider, suspended for money laundering and taking part in a health care fraud scheme that billed Medicare for unnecessary equipment and tests. 

Timothy Martin – This Benicia based osteopathic physician and surgeon was suspended from the workers’ comp system because his medical certificate was revoked by the Medical Board of California.

Alex Abbassi – A Tarzana provider whose physician and surgeon’s certificate was revoked by the Medical Board of California.

Nicole Hlava – A Palo Alto provider whose medical license was revoked in 2016.

Maher Abadir – This Modesto based provider was suspended due to his medical license suspension in 2016.

As of now, a total of 46 medical providers have been suspended from California’s workers’ compensation system this year.