Division of Workers’ Compensation Suspends Five More Providers

The Division of Workers’ Compensation (DWC) suspended Paul Turley, Francisco Gomez, Angela Rehmann, Tomas Rios and Joseph E. Long for a swath of improprieties.

Turley, a chiropractor, pleaded guilty in December of last year to conspiracy to commit insurance fraud, insurance fraud, unlawful referrals and mayhem. In 2004, he incorporated Frontline Medical Associates with Dr. Munir Uwaydah yet, despite the apparent partnership, Turley told prosecutors that Uwaydah was in control of the business and the decision maker. Turley confirmed in signing a factual statement that Frontline paid cappers to recruit injured workers to “maximize billing for patient services regardless of patient needs.” Injured workers received prescriptions and surgeries because they were “very profitable,” but therapy and other services were also used to whip up bills in an alleged scheme that generated $150 million in fraudulent claims.

Francisco Gomez and Angela Rehmann, owners of G&G Interpreting, were convicted on fraud charges early last year and were suspended after pleading no contest. The Department of Insurance in December 2015 said G&G Interpreting generated more than $24.6 million in bills for interpretation services provided in clinics where doctors and staff spoke Spanish.

Tomas Rios, who was also disciplined for failing to report criminal convictions to the Medical Board of California, is not licensed to practice in California as a result of unpaid licensing fees. In 2007, he was convicted in federal court of a felony or misdemeanor leading to a suspension. In 2014, he was convicted again in Kern County Superior Court leading to a suspension.

Joseph E. Long, a former physician and surgeon, surrendered his license in early 2017 to resolve a Medical Board administrative complaint accusing the doctor of sexual exploitation and misconduct with a patient. He is prohibited from practicing in California.

Since AB 1244 took effect at the start of 2017, a total of 354 providers have been suspended from California’s workers’ compensation system. AB 1244 includes a provision requiring DWC to suspend providers convicted of fraud or related crimes, those who have lost their license or those who have been kicked out of a program such as Medicaid or Medicare.

Six providers are currently challenging suspension notices in cases that are pending.

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