California DWC and WCAB Further Expand Workers’ Compensation Hearing Options to Include Video

In a statement released today, the California Department of Industrial Relations announced that the Division of Workers’ Compensation (DWC) and the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board (WCAB) will expand their capabilities for remote hearings with a video option. Beginning August 17th, a video option will be available for trials and expedited hearings. While all mandatory settlement conferences, priority conferences, status conferences, case-in-chief trials, lien conferences and expedited hearings will continue to be held telephonically through individual conference lines, judges will have the option of conducting trials and expedited hearings through their virtual courtroom on the LifeSize platform.

Per the DIR’s statement, “Neither DWC nor LifeSize will charge for participants to use the platform. However, parties will need to have certain system requirements to fully participate in the video option. Parties will also need to have a web camera. Participants without access to a web camera may use a smart phone with the program, although it is not recommended.

Read the full statement, and please contact us with any questions about what this may mean for you.