Amir Khorsand of El Segundo Earns Rare Win

Congratulations to Amir Khorsand of our El Segundo office for demonstrating superb lawyering in his recent Declaration of Readiness (DOR) win on behalf of a client. Lien representative Chris Alcala of Alcala Associates filed a DOR for lien conference nearly 15 years after the claim settled by C&R. The lien was not timely filed and the defendant requested withdrawal of the lien, along with the claimant’s DOR. Chris Alcala did not agree and set the matter for trial. He then failed to appear for trial and Amir petitioned the WCAB for costs and sanctions. An order was issued by Judge Watkins for $3,080 in costs. The order was not paid within 30 days, so Amir filed a DOR for MSC on the issue of nonpayment. Alcala failed to appear and the matter was once again set for trial in regard to additional costs and sanctions. Judge Watkins issued a second order, awarding $1,487.50 in additional costs and $2,500 in sanctions, to be paid by Alcala directly to the DWC. Payment was not received within 30 days. Amir then filed the orders with the Los Angeles Superior Court, in order to enforce the judgments and seek additional interest thereon. Thereafter, Amir filed a DOR for MSC seeking suspension and removal of Chris Alcala’s rights to represent parties at the WCAB per Labor Code 4907. At the MSC hearing, Chris Alcala ultimately agreed to pay Traveler’s Insurance $10,000 to satisfy the prior orders, along with interest thereon, and to pay $2,500 in sanctions to the WCAB. Both payments have since been satisfied and the client is very pleased with the results.

Amazing work, Amir!